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It might be that i'm the missing link in your next project.

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If you will have enough coffee for me, i will solve your problem

Engineer is an living organism that will transform caffeine to the code.

The best features are my ability to act in solving practical problems and be a source of information in an field i'm interested. I stay calm in crises, so I have a calming effect to others. I can analyze surrounding reality quickly and logically with detailed information.

I do not make myself a big deal. I'm an exact and realistic observer. I make my conclusion on the basis of the facts. I do not worry about the past or future, but live, flexibly according to the situation.

I will focus on ideas or solutions rather than listing or analysing the problems.

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Working Experience

In Microsoft Mobile (formerly Nokia) since 1995. Several positions in type approval area.

Tools landscape

MS Office, Visual Studio, NetBeans, KiCad, FreeCAD, Apache, MySQL, Java, C/C++, PHP


Turku university of applied sciences, Embedded Systems engineer, 2004

Forssa Institute of technology, telecommunications technician, 1995

Spare time interests

Arduino, RaspberryPi, Yamaha VMAX, Volvo Amazon, Quad-copter

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Taisto Vainio

+358 (0)50 551 4293